Star Wars: A Bunch of Crazy Fans and Their Characters

Wiley's Letters to Grandma 1: The Journey to Boondock

Stopping at the Wheel


At the time of this writing, I have arrived on the planet Boondock. Smelly Smiley Bob took me to the Wheel. It’s a big building in the night sky that moves. There was a human being chased by three others. When I followed, the others attacked him! I shot my bow at the leader, in the hope that he would drop the pinned guy, but one of the others attacked instead. A gray guy showed up, and helped me get rid of the mean people, using a glowing stick.

He said his name was Dorsk84, and he could do magic the same way we can! He called it “the force”, and said it wasn’t magic.

The man we saved really liked spices! He used to sell them, but kept cooking with them himself, so he got in trouble. We got him a ship elsewhere, so the bad guys wouldn’t hurt him anymore.

I stayed with Dorsk84, because he was worried the bad guys might try to hurt me again. I sat with him while he ate, and tried one of the new drinks there. He had to eat this weird food because his people can’t eat most stuff. He said they were clones, which I think means he’s a copy of his dad. Apparently only he, his dad, and his grandfather could use magic, and they didn’t know why.

Dorsk84 was going to Boondock, to gather the remains of a Sorceress. He still denied the magic of it, of course. I decided to travel with him, because the bad guys worried me, and I wasn’t really sure where my destiny needed me.

The new ship we took had a movie about a war and a Jedi, which is the kind of magic training Dorsk84 had. That guy also had a glowing stick, which may be a trend of the Jedi. Dorsk84 felt the movie was poorly done, but I wasn’t sure. I think he felt the Jedi was inaccurate.

After that they showed us a thing about “Cosmic Confections”, which are a fancy candy. A scientist said they really weren’t bad, even though some people said they were. I want to try them.

When we landed, there was a place to check in. The man there said I needed a reason to be there, so I said I’d like to try their candy, since everything on the planet is for making the Cosmic Confections. That wasn’t good enough, but Dorsk84 tricked him into thinking I was some kind of “pad” with his magic. I forgot the exact word he used, unfortunately.

I’ll write more tomorrow, Grandma.




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