Star Wars: A Bunch of Crazy Fans and Their Characters

Episode 2, Scene 2: Introducing Keara the Stormtrooper

On the planet Bastion, the capital of the Imperial Remnant, Keara was chosen for a special assignment. Keara was the most promising young person so make it through Imperial Military Bootcamp that entire year. She was deemed by her superiors to have the knowledge and skills for an undercover mission. Her drill serjeant, Sgt. Smith, promoted her from private to private-first-class right before her new mission briefing. Sgt. Smith told her that if she performed well on this undercover assignment, she might look forward, if she wished that for her career, to becoming an intelligence agent rather than just a groundpounder infantry footsoldier.

For her undercover mission, cover identity was to be…. herself, but with an alternate history. Her boot camp record was altered. Instead of showing her real, true exemplary record, the record was changed by Imperial Intelligence to show her instead of as a model young trooper, as a washout, who failed bootcamp.

In her new cover identity version of herself, Keara was to travel to the planet Boondock and pretend to be just an orphan young person (the orphan part was true), too old to be taken care of by the system in an orphanage or foster care, who just failed in her attempt to start a career in military service. Aimless, jobless. Just looking for employment as a factory worker on the planet Boondock in the Cosmic Confections Corporation factory there. The planet Boondock is wholly owned by the Cosmic Confections Corporation and is, therefore, a private planet, neither Imperial, nor part of the regular Galactic Alliance. It would not be out of the question for a wandering young person, in need of supporting herself, to end up there looking for a job.

Keara’s mission was to investigate rumors that Imperial Intelligence had discovered that Darth Lumiya had taken in interest in Boondock. Darth Lumiya (originally Lady Lumiya from the 1980’s Star Wars Marvel Comics) is the last known Sith Lord to exist in the galaxy as far as Imperial Intelligence knows, originally trained as an apprentice of Darth Vader.



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