Star Wars: A Bunch of Crazy Fans and Their Characters

Episode 2, Scene 1: The Three Amigos

On the planet Ossus, where there is a Jedi Temple, three young Jedi Knights, Balkdon, a Mirialan, Karas, an Elomin, and Varic Putan, a human, were summoned to meet before the Jedi Council.

They were tasked with investigating the planet Boondock. Various Jedi who were strong vision-seers and oracles throughout the galaxy had been having dark forebodings and strange and terrible visions portending a doom for the entire galaxy that would emanate from Boondock if the future, “always in motion”, were not changed.

The visions and feelings were so vague in nature that none of the seers or oracles could provide any useful details or even cryptic clues to provide any kind of instruction to the three young Jedi. It was reported to the Jedi Council that two Baran Do Sages had seen the visions of an apocalypse coming from Boondock and had gone insane.

With no specific information as to what the three Jedi should be looking for, the mission was basically just “go and see”.

The three Jedi were given a ship, the Edge of Valor, and was piloted to Boondock by Varic.

The three Jedi were told about Dorsk84’s mission on Boondock and that Dorsk84 was sent before the strange dark visions started.



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